Pyrafire (pyrafire) wrote in lovealias_buffy,

It looks like no one has posted in awhile and this community is dying off, but when I saw the name, I joined anyway. Anyway, I'm new, and I just thought I should explain my obsession. I got introduced to Buffy about a year ago. I know, that's really late, but I blew through the ENTIRE SERIES(borrowing DVD's and downloading eps on KaZaa and borrowing tapes) in about 2 months. Granted I didn't get much sleep in those two months and my friends wondered what had happened to me. Then I took a class on Buffy. That's right, a college course on Buffy and I got to write a paper on fanfiction. So Alias I just started watching, uhm, four weeks ago and I'm caught up. ::shakes head in shame:: I'm totally obsessed, but I just can't help it. I can't wait for the new episode this weekend. YAY! Anyway, if anyone is still around in this community, say hi.
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